4 Appliance Maintenance & Repairs To Help Reduce Risks Of Fires


When an appliance malfunctions or does not work correctly, one thing that we often worry about is the appliance breaking down for good. But one of the bigger concerns that we should be worried about is the appliance causing a fire. There are many appliances that can pose as a fire risk to the home. If an appliance does catch on fire, it can quickly spread and cause a lot of damage to the home. Luckily, there are many maintenance techniques and repairs that an appliance service company can use to ensure that your appliances are running smoothly and are not at risk for fires. Browse through four different home appliances and ways that repair companies can prevent these dangers in your home.


One of the biggest ways to increase the risk of a fire is by mixing heat with flammable items. The lint that comes from a dryer is a huge part of the fire risk associated with dryers. While you can easily clean out the lint trap each time you dry clothes, a professional appliance repair company can provide a more detailed cleaning for your appliance. Aside from the lint tray, a deep cleaning of the vents and vent pipes will help reduce the risk of a fire and can help your dryer perform better with the proper air flow.

An appliance technician can also examine the outlets and electrical cords used for your dryer. They can ensure that the cords are in a stable working condition and are used in a compatible outlet. If you use a gas dryer, then the gas lines can also pose a fire risk. A repair technician can examine the gas line to ensure that everything is properly connected and there are no leaks.

Washing Machines

It may seem like a dryer is the most likely appliance that can cause a fire, but according to research, a washing machine poses the most fire risks in your home. One of the reasons for this increased risk is the mixing of both water and electricity in the appliance. If the washing machine has leaky pipes or an unstable inlet connection, then water can mix with electrical components, create sparks, and eventually cause a fire. Through proper repairs, an appliance technician can seal up water areas, ensure that there are no leaks, and run the washer through multiple test cycles to help identify any additional problems. A protective box may also be installed over the washer outlet. This will help protect the washer's cords from getting damp or wet when the appliance is in use.


Another similar water and electrical fire hazard comes with a dishwasher. Dishwashers often use electrical panels to monitor settings and water levels. During an inspection, the seals on the dishwasher will be checked to ensure that the interior electronic panels are completely protected. The water draining pipes will also be examined to ensure that there are no leaks or possible fire hazards. A full cycle will be run to monitor the status of the dishwasher and check for any additional problems.

Stoves & Ovens

One of the biggest fire dangers when dealing with a stove or oven isn't the actual appliance, but it's food debris that has fallen on or inside of the appliance. Oil spills and leftover food can easily be the first step in a creating a dangerous fire risk. This is why it's a good idea to hire an appliance technician for a deep cleaning of your stove and oven. Using industrial cleaning supplies, a technician can clean out the oven and ensure that any oils or burned food particles are completely eliminated. Along with this cleaning, parts, wiring, and electrical components can also be inspected for any problems. For example, the oven's temperature sensor can be tested to ensure it's functioning properly. If it is not working, then your oven could heat up well past its set temperature and create possible fire hazards.

If you notice any smoke or signs of a potential fire hazard, the appliance should be unplugged and not used until it is looked at. Taking precautions is an ideal way to prevent fires and other dangers in your home.

For more information and tips, contact a professional appliance repair company, such as Better Homes Appliance Service.


25 April 2016

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