Did You Finally Get A Refrigerator For Your Garage? 3 Tips To Keep It In Good Condition


Whether your garage refrigerator holds cold beverages for you to enjoy as you work outside or serves as extra food storage, having an extra appliance requires you to add a few new steps to your maintenance routine. Depending upon the location and climate of your garage, the refrigerator may experience different conditions than the one in your house that affect its longevity. As you get ready to install your new appliance, you can use these tips to help it last.

Try to Minimize Major Temperature Fluctuations

While you may already know that heat causes refrigerators to work harder, cold temperatures can also affect how the appliance runs. If the temperatures in your garage get too cold, then it can cause the compressor to stop working properly. Ideally, your refrigerator should be stored in a garage that is climate-controlled. If heating and cooling the entire space is too costly or not possible, then consider building an enclosed area around the refrigerator that makes it easier to regulate the air temperature. If you live in an area that has freezing temperatures regularly, then ask your home appliance repair technician about options such as an add-on heater that can be installed around the thermostat.

Watch Out For Dirt and Debris

Garages tend to accumulate more dust and dirt than other parts of your house. If possible, try to avoid doing tasks that generate flying debris such as sawdust near the refrigerator. You should also try to keep the garage door closed as much as possible to minimize the amount of dust that gets into the refrigerator's space. Also make sure to clean the coils regularly to prevent the refrigerator from freezing up.

Stay On Top of Minor Issues

Old refrigerators should always be inspected by a professional appliance repair service such as Aplus Appliance before they are placed into the garage. This allows you to address minor issues such as a worn out seal or dirty coils before they create a problem in the garage. Since an issue with a garage refrigerator may not be noticed as fast as one in your kitchen, regular inspections help you prevent damage that could occur from water leakage or food spoilage if the appliance stops working.

Having an extra refrigerator may feel like a luxury, but it also involves some serious dedication to keep it in working order. By planning for regular inspections and doing your part to keep the appliance clean and at the right temperature, you can look forward to always having your backup refrigerator ready with cold food and drinks.


22 July 2018

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