Performance Problems Your Dryer Can Encounter


Without a functional dryer, cleaning your clothes could be a far more difficult task to do. While dryers can be somewhat prone to experiencing problems, homeowners are often at a loss for the ways that they should be responding to these malfunctions.

No Heat

In order to be able to rapidly dry the clothes in the dryer, it will need to be able to produce fairly intense amounts of heat. Unfortunately, there are a couple of malfunctions that could prevent the dryer from producing the heat needed to dry your clothing. Faulty heating elements can be some of the most routine causes of this problem. However, this is not the only reason that a dryer could experience this type of performance issue. There is a thermostat regulator in the dryer that can also malfunction, which may contribute to the system failing to produce heat.

Clothes Remain Damp

A dryer that is producing heat but that is still unable to fully dry the clothing can be a frustrating problem to experience. A leading source of this issue will be a lack of sufficient airflow and ventilation. Without enough airflow, the moist air inside the system will be unable to leave the dryer, which can severely slow the drying process for an entire load of clothing. Ensuring that the vents of the dryer are thoroughly cleaned can help to prevent this disruptive problem from occurring.

Dryer Vibrates Excessively

When the dryer is in operation, some degree of vibrations should be expected. However, aging dryers can start to vibrate excessively, and this can damage the dryer and the floor. The motor being out of alignment is the main cause of this problem. In order to correct these excessive vibrations, the dryer should be professionally serviced so that the motor can be repaired and properly balanced. Depending on the dryer, this is a type of maintenance that may only be needed once every few years.

Unusual Smells

A dryer that is producing unusual smells can be a significant problem to face. The smells can often indicate serious problems with the dryer, and these odors can be absorbed by the fabrics in your clothing. Burning smells can be the most serious as they may indicate the electrical system in the dryer is malfunctioning. If this is the case, the system could pose a fire threat if it is not repaired. Moldy or musty odors may indicate fungal or mold growths that will need to be neutralized.

Contact a dryer repair service for more help.


10 December 2018

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