Is It Worth It To Get Your Microwave Repaired?


When a microwave fails, many people are inclined to just throw it out rather than get it repaired. However, this really only leads to a sequence of cheap, barely-used microwaves. Microwaves aren't expensive to repair and most issues can be fixed pretty quickly. Here's how to know whether or not it's worth it to get your microwave repaired:

Is the Microwave Under Warranty?

Most microwaves do have a limited warranty, under the manufacturer. You may also have a home warranty in place, if you just bought a home. Working with a warranty can take some time, but often you'll be able to get your appliance fixed without any money out of pocket. Call your manufacturer and look up the warranty information before you just throw the microwave out.

What's Wrong With the Microwave?

If you've experienced total failure (the microwave doesn't work at all), then you're probably looking at a more expensive repair and it may not be worth a consultation. If your microwave is just experiencing an issue with its clock or timer, on the other hand, it's likely that you only need a single part repaired. If you're experiencing a physical issue, such as a broken button or a broken door, you're in even better luck: it's just a simple part replacement that you need.

Is the Microwave Mounted?

Many under-cabinet microwaves have specialty mounts, so it can be expensive and time-consuming to purchase a brand new microwave and mount it. If this is the case, it may make more sense to get the microwave repaired. This is especially true if your mounted microwave was specifically chosen to fit into the decor. 

Was the Microwave Expensive?

Finally, an expensive microwave is obviously more worthwhile to repair. There's a difference between a commercial microwave and a residential microwave: one can't necessarily be replaced with the other. If your microwave cost more than a few hundred dollars, then it's more likely that you're going to gain money by repairing it. High-end microwaves are expected to last more than a few years, while cheaper, smaller microwaves usually only have a real "lifespan" of a couple of years.

Naturally, if your microwave is a cheap, semi-disposable microwave, it's probably not going to be worth it to try to repair it. However, if you do have a microwave that you love (and if it's already custom-mounted), then investing in microwave repair is always an option.


6 March 2019

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