Appliance Repair Services: My Air Conditioner Will Not Turn Off–What Could Be The Issue?


You will likely get alarmed when your air conditioning unit doesn't shut down between cooling cycles. In most cases, it automatically indicates that the unit is broken, and you must deal with a hot and stuffy home. The situation is even more puzzling when the AC appliance fails to turn off but your space isn't cooling down to your desired settings. What's worse is that the problem comes with higher utility bills. So, if you are stuck in this situation, here are some possible causes and things you can do to get the system back in working order. 

Are the Air Filters Full of Debris?

This crucial component draws in the air the system needs to cool down. If they are full of dirt and filth, the air inside the system at any given time is never enough. Given this, your unit will keep forcing the little air through the home without adequate cooling. Dirt from the air could also cover the coils and force them to freeze. As such, your unit will keep running to keep up with your cooling demands. So, you must change the filters regularly depending on the size of the house, cooling demands, and the number of pets. This way, your unit can be turned off once it cools your space to desired levels. 

Have You Configured the Setting on the Blower Fan?

Most people worry about malfunctioning AC units only to realize the problem is a simple, overlooked setting. Hence, check to see if you've set your blower fan to auto all the time. With this setting, the fan will only spin when the unit is on a cooling cycle. Also, since the fan blows conditioned air from the system to every part of the house, it will run continuously even after meeting the required cooling when you leave the setting in the on position. So, check the system, readjust the setting to auto, and check whether that resolves your problem. 

An Inappropriate Unit Size

It is also crucial to check the size of your unit and ensure it is appropriate for your needs. Many AC units fail to turn off because they are smaller than their workload. For example, having AC that cools a one-bedroom apartment in a three-bedroom home will overwork it and make it run continuously to meet demand. So, speak to an AC appliance repair contractor to help you gauge your cooling needs. If need be, they will recommend that you go for a new and size-appropriate AC unit installation.

These are some common reasons why the air conditioner might run non-stop. It is best to speak to an AC appliance repair contractor and see what they recommend about your system. They can help with repairs and other modifications to restore proper cooling cycles.

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11 November 2022

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