Appliance Repair Services: My Air Conditioner Will Not Turn Off–What Could Be The Issue?


You will likely get alarmed when your air conditioning unit doesn't shut down between cooling cycles. In most cases, it automatically indicates that the unit is broken, and you must deal with a hot and stuffy home. The situation is even more puzzling when the AC appliance fails to turn off but your space isn't cooling down to your desired settings. What's worse is that the problem comes with higher utility bills.

11 November 2022

4 Signs You Need To Schedule Range Repair Services


It's never fun when your stove stops working. Whether you rely on it to cook dinner for your family or you use it to bake cookies for your neighbor's kids, a broken stove can make life difficult. If you're having problems with your range, it's important to know when to call for professional range stove repair services. This includes when the range electrocutes you, when the range starts smoking, or when the stove won't turn on.

19 July 2022

Repairing Problems With Your Washer And Dryer


The washer and dryer in your home can be major appliances that you will use on a regular basis. Unfortunately, problems with these appliances can lead to major issues which could  mean you might have to transport your dirty laundry to a laundromat to clean it. Despite washing machines and dryers being designed to last for many years, there are common mistakes people make that could lead to serious damages that could force them to replace these valuable appliances much sooner than expected.

28 March 2022