Transform A Class B RV For Your Child's Sport's Team


If your child's youth sports team needs a mobile concession stand to provide refreshment for your fans, the team doesn't have to spend money on an expensive food truck. Instead, transform an old class B RV! It can also double as a storage space for spare equipment and provide a cooled or heated area for injured players to receive attention or recuperate. Here's what to do.

Ask for donations

Let your community know that your team is looking for a class B RV, especially all of the parents and grandparents. Class B RVs are small enough to be able to park anywhere yet large enough to meet your team's needs. Perhaps someone in your organization or someone's loved one would be willing to donate one. Remind them that they can deduct charitable givings when they do their annual federal taxes. The condition of the engine and drivetrain shouldn't be too far gone so it won't cost your team a lot to get it running. The body and interior will be renovated in the transformation, but it's important to have an RV that is structurally sound with a straight body.

Plan the RV Transformation

Of course, you should contact an RV body repair shop to give you a quote so you can know how much your organization needs to raise. Therefore, you'll need to come up with a game plan for what the transformation. The kitchen appliances, bathroom facilities, and resting areas for injured players are all important for your RV, so you'll want to carefully plan the layout so there's enough room. When it comes to the kitchen area, consider what types of foods and refreshments you'll be offering at games to get an idea of what types of appliances you'll need and how many electrical outlets the RV should have.

Hold a Fundraiser

You'll need to hold a fundraiser, or several, to pay for the costs of materials and labor for the transformation. By the way, if you cannot find an RV donor, the fundraiser can help with the cost of a used RV as well. The board should hold an open meeting so parents can attend and discuss what types of fundraisers could do well in your area, especially since parents are typically the ones who do most of the work and may have an idea of what would be easier for them to sell to their family, friends, coworkers, and neighbors. Try to come up with something unique instead of doing the same old candle or ham sandwich sales.


14 June 2017

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