Is Your Dishwasher In Need Of Repair? Here Are 4 Ways To Tell


A dishwasher is an invaluable appliance in the kitchen, but over years of use, it will likely show signs of disrepair. For example, you may notice that your dishes have leftover food particles after cleaning or that there are puddles of water around the appliance. As soon as you notice these warning indicators, seek timely professional dishwasher repair. This will prevent the need for costly repair or dishwasher replacement. Below, learn more about key signs that your dishwasher requires professional repairs: 

The Dishes Appear Dirty After Cleaning

If you scrape food off of your dishes and rinse them before placing them in the dishwasher, they should come out clean after the process. So, whenever you notice food residue after cleaning, it indicates a problem with your machine. For instance, the pressure on your appliance may be too low to clean your dishes effectively. The problem might also arise if the dishwasher drain screen clogged at the bottom after the last cleaning cycle. Regardless of its cause, you can engage a reputable dishwasher repair technician to address the problem efficiently.

There's a Water Puddle Near Your Machine

In case you notice standing water outside or inside your appliance when you run a load, your appliance may have a crack, or debris could be blocking the drain. Removing the food particles that are causing the drain to block may help resolve the problem. However, if the issue is due to a crack, call an appliance repair technician to advise on whether you should repair or replace your machine.

You Notice Corrosion in Your Appliance

On the first sign of rust in your appliance, seek prompt, professional dishwasher repair services. Unfortunately, rust indicates that water is penetrating areas that it shouldn't, corroding essential components. You may even notice rust specks on your dishes after cleaning. Nonetheless, a thorough inspection by a reputable appliance repair technician will help you determine the extent of corrosion and the most effective resolution.

The Door Latch Isn't Functioning Properly

When using your dishwasher, you have to close the door for the machine to work efficiently. To aid in this, the appliance door has a latch that must always work effectively. If the latch breaks or malfunctions in any way, it can signify a number of possible issues. For instance, the door seal may have a crack or be loose and need to be replaced, or the door could have warped to the point that it doesn't work properly.

If you observe any of the abovementioned issues, don't delay in seeking repairs. Professional intervention is the only way to avoid extensive damage that may require replacing your dishwasher.

Contact a local appliance repair service, such as AAA Appliance and Refrigeration Repair, to learn more. 


26 January 2023

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