How To Effectively Maintain Commercial Fire Sprinkler Systems


Perhaps one of the most important systems in your commercial building is the fire sprinkler system. As soon as smoke is detected, these systems trigger water spouts that address the issue before severe damage results. In order for these systems to work correctly, though, you need to maintain them properly.

Avoid Tampering with the Sprinkler Heads 

The sprinkler heads are extremely important to keep an eye on during maintenance, as they are what direct water throughout the building to combat fires. You need to avoid tampering with these heads and make sure your staff follows the correct protocol.

Objects, such as paintings and artwork, should never be placed directly over these heads. The sprinkler heads should also never be painted, as this will affect their ability to produce water in the right locations. If office equipment and supplies are stacked, make sure there is enough space between the sprinkler heads and these items. 

Keep Control Valves Open 

In order for water to get into your building when there is smoke or a fire, the control valves need to be open. It's paramount that you make sure they stay open at all times, just in case an emergency happens.

There are many ways you can keep these valves open, such as placing the appropriate warning signs in your building. They help encourage employees to check the valves to make sure they are indeed in an open position.

You could also use lockout devices, which prevent anyone from tampering with the valves or closing them on accident. Or, you can have professionals permanently seal your valves in place. 

Conduct Annual Tests

No matter how new your fire sprinkler system is, it always needs to be tested professionally at least once a year. You'll then know if there are any problems with your system, and can address them before damage or life-threatening accidents occur.

These annual tests are pretty straightforward. Professionals will first inspect the overall condition of the sprinkler system, making sure parts are not damaged. Then, they'll make sure the right systems are accessible. Lastly, they will conduct test trials to see how responsive your systems are and to ensure water does come out. 

Fires can happen without warning and do irreversible damage rather quickly. You can prepare for them, though, by maintaining your fire sprinkler systems. This involves regular inspections and keeping your employees up to date with the latest fire safety protocol.  


8 February 2018

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