3 Common Dryer Problems and Ways Appliance Repair Shops Can Fix Them


One of the most important appliances in your home is the dryer. At some point, unfortunately, it will stop working. Here are three common dryer issues you might experience, as well as solutions offered by appliance repair shops, such as American Appliance INC.

No Power 

A clear sign that something is wrong with your dryer is when it doesn't even turn on. If this issue hasn't happened before, chances are there is an issue with one of the systems regulating your dryer. Fixing this problem can be quite complex—but not when you take your dryer to an appliance repair shop. 

Repair shops will have specialists that can assess your dryer and identify the source of the power failure. A lot of times, the problem lies with the start switch. It may be faulty and not properly sending a signal to your dryer to turn on. They can replace this switch quickly and get your dryer up and running.

Loud Noises 

When you start hearing loud noises coming from your dryer, something is seriously wrong. You need to respond quickly before your dryer experiences irreversible damage. An appliance repair shop can troubleshoot noisy dryers quickly.

Often times, a part within the dryer came loose and just needs to be tightened back up. Sometimes the problem may be a little more severe, such as a damaged blower wheel. If this wheel can't be repaired, it can be replaced. Whatever is done, you'll receive a full estimate so no unexpected costs cause you to unnecessary stress.

Failure to Tumble 

What's the point of a dryer that can't tumble? If this is happening to your dryer, you need to take it into an appliance repair shop immediately. This issue often occurs because of a broken or worn belt. When this part gets damaged, it can't effectively turn the drum. Your clothes thus will not tumble and dry. 

For this problem, the appliance repair shop will replace the worn or damaged belt. They have a huge inventory to choose from, and most of the time, they'll have the correct belt size on hand. They can thus quickly change it out and get you on your way.

Dealing with dryer problems can cause you a lot of stress, especially if you need dry clothes fast. When you don't know how to troubleshoot dryer issues, get help from an appliance repair shop. They have the skills, experience, and equipment to come up with effective repair solutions.  


11 October 2018

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