Complex Issues A Commercial Refrigerator Repair Technician Can Address For Restaurant Owners


If you own a restaurant, one of the most important appliances on-site is the refrigerator. Unfortunately, it will break down at some point. When it does and the following issues rear their ugly heads, be sure to hire a commercial refrigerator repair technician.

Broken Seals

The seals on the doors of your commercial refrigerator are so important for keeping cool air inside this unit. Any time you notice these seals are damaged, make sure you hire a commercial refrigerator repair technician as quickly as possible before your energy bills go up and the food inside spoils.

The contractor will assess the damage and see if the seals can be salvaged. Sometimes, broken sections can be put back in place using heavy-duty caulking solutions. If the damage is too much, however, they'll set up new seals that are designed to work perfectly with your particular refrigerator unit. 

Strange Sounds

Sometimes your commercial refrigerator will make strange sounds. This shouldn't happen, and it could mean something is seriously wrong with your unit. In this case, the best thing you can do is hire a commercial refrigerator repair technician.

They'll inspect various components of your unit to identify the sound. It could be loose bearings, a damaged fan motor, or even compression failure. Either way, the repair technician will figure out the noise issue and come up with a long-term repair. Your refrigerator then won't make strange noises and can perform optimally again.

Ice Buildup

If you keep noticing ice building up on the inside of your commercial refrigerator, that means it's not working at an efficient rate. You will thus need to get help from a commercial refrigerator repair contractor so that they can address the issue before more complex and expensive repairs are required.

Oftentimes, ice buildup on the inside of a refrigerator indicates a refrigerant leak. In this case, the contractor will identify the source of the leak and patch it up. They'll then recharge your commercial refrigerator so that the interior temperatures aren't too cold or too hot. It will be the perfect balance that's ideal for all of the contents inside.

Having a commercial refrigerator in your restaurant is essential for keeping all sorts of goods fresh. Any time you run into pretty complex issues with this unit, it's recommended to work with a commercial refrigerator repair contractor. They're highly skilled and well-versed in these systems, which means you'll get an effective solution to the problem in no time. 


24 April 2020

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