Repairing Problems With Your Washer And Dryer


The washer and dryer in your home can be major appliances that you will use on a regular basis. Unfortunately, problems with these appliances can lead to major issues which could  mean you might have to transport your dirty laundry to a laundromat to clean it. Despite washing machines and dryers being designed to last for many years, there are common mistakes people make that could lead to serious damages that could force them to replace these valuable appliances much sooner than expected.

Using Hard Water With The Washing Machine

Your washing machine will need to use large amounts of water to function. Unfortunately, hard water can be somewhat damaging to this system since it will lead to mineral deposits starting to form in the unit. Eventually, the washer's water supply line or drain line may even become completely obstructed by these accumulations. While this can be repaired, it will likely return again in the future unless a water softening system is installed.

Failing To Clean The Dryer's Filters

Clogged air filters can be a major problem for your dryer as this is an appliance that will require a very large amount of air circulation to be able to function. Unfortunately, clogged air filters can lead to the system struggling to effectively dry the clothes that you put in it, and it can lead to the unit burning out more quickly. Removing any lint or other debris from the interior filter should be done each time that you use the dryer. Depending on the fabrics that you are drying and their overall condition, it can be possible for large amounts of lint to be trapped by this filter during a single use of the dryer. Developing the habit of removing any lint from this filter prior to using the dryer or immediately after removing your clothing from it can mitigate these avoidable problems.

Not Addressing Balancing Or Rocking Issues With These Appliances

Your washing machine and dryer will experience tremendous forces while they are spinning the clothes that are in them. Not surprisingly, a lot of the design of the washer and dryer is focused on keeping these appliances stable despite these forces. If you notice that your washer or dryer is starting to develop balancing problems, an appliance repair technician should be hired to assess the problem. If the balancing issues are not corrected, they are likely to worsen in severity, and they may even cause performance problems or damages by loosening internal components or connections.

Contact a local washer and dryer repair company for more information. 


28 March 2022

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